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1. Edibles vs. Smoke. Start low and go slow.


Because you have to wait until your edible has been digested, you may feel completely normal for up to two hours; effects are always delayed.


Many people eat an edible, get impatient, eat more edibles, and have spaced-out regrets a few hours later. Don’t do this.


If you’re new, start with a low dose (try 5 mg of THC or less), wait an hour, and then decide whether you want more. A normal edible dose for an occasional user is 10 mg. I suspect you’ll want to eat more than one piece of my edibles, so I’ve made them low-dose to account for this in advance. You’re welcome!


Edible cannabis stays in your system much longer than smoked cannabis, sometimes for over 12 hours. Indulge only when you have an open schedule to chill.

2. Label edibles to avoid accidental ingestion.

3. Don’t drive, operate machinery, or go to work after indulging.


4. Don’t mix.


5. Be a good parent to children and pets.

6. If you have health conditions, consult a doctor. 

7. Consenting adults only.


8. Review legalities where you live, and don't travel with cannabis.

9. Indulge only if of legal age where you live.


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