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All of my recipes are based on your use of whole flower cannabis extractions in butter or coconut oil (vegan). While I bet you’ve heard about the cannabis plant’s most famous compounds, CBD and THC, there are also more, and we know that the more they working together, the better the healing properties—this is called the entourage effect.


Dosing in my recipes assumes that you follow the cannabis/butter proportions below, of 7 g of 15% THC cannabis flower (1/4 oz) to 2 cups of butter or oil. If you see a recipe for a 5 mg THC cookie and you’re experienced enough to know that you need a higher dose, you can:  

A. Increase the starting THC percentage of your bud at the point of purchase;  

B. Increase the weight of bud you’re adding to the butter/oil; C. Eat more edibles;  

D. Spike with a concentrated oil from a dispensary;

or E. All of the above.

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