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Butter & Flower


Ann Allchin got her start baking cookies for a relative who suffered from debilitating migraines, and has since introduced many to the medicinal and recreational benefits of baking with flower. Based on foundational recipes for cannabis-infused butter, oils, and sugar, the book includes classics, chocolate-forward desserts, fruity and nutty concoctions, and even some savory bites. These are definitely not your roommate’s lumpy hash brownies! The book also features stories from people who have had a transformative relationship with cannabis. From activists, a legal defender, and defendants, to entrepreneurs, medicinal users, and healthcare practitioners, Ann presents a diverse collection of perspectives on legalization and hopes for the future of cannabis use. Also included are an opener on health and safety, guidelines for moderate, straightforward dosing, and a glossary of cannabis terms to help newbies steer between CBD and THC, indica and sativa. Ann is irreverent and safe in equal doses, the perfect pal for when you’re baking something “special.” Available now on Amazon or at Indigo (or order from your independent retailer). Cannabis or other wholesalers please reach out.


Ann Allchin is a Canadian writer informed by her experience in the business and science worlds, yet inspired by curiosity and creativity. With a double-major in Neuroscience and English from the University of Toronto, Ann began her career as a technical writer and project manager in the telecommunications industry. Later, she returned to her science roots as medical writer and copy editor in pharmaceutical research. However, much like a superhero with a day job and alter-ego, in her spare time, Ann is a creative writer and storyteller. She is especially drawn to revisiting biographical histories and investigating miscarriages of social justice.  

In addition to writing, Ann is an experimental baker and cook. There is always something mysterious and delicious emerging from Ann's oven.


Ann is represented by Highness Global, who helps to advance her research, gastronomic, and writing projects, currently focused on cannabis and The War on Drugs.  She believes that cannabis is healthy, and knows first-hand that it can assist with serious health issues to improve quality of life. More importantly, Ann advocates for the rights of adults to experiment and indulge responsibly, medicinally and recreationally, and is interested in exposing the truth about the history of overreactive, often racially or politically motivated drug penalties.


Notwithstanding the curious and unexpected nature of her literary focus, Ann mostly leads a Diana Prince life in Toronto with her husband, daughter, son, whippet, and mutt. 

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