Pot Krispie Squares for the 2020 Democratic Contenders

Since the news is all things Democrat right now, I thought I’d take some time out to highlight where the candidates stand on cannabis. Even though I’m not American. We know where our Canadian Prime Minister stands on pot. Cute little toker that he is. (But for the "record," dude pardons when he should expunge.)

Anyway. Let’s start with Mayor Pete Buttigieg. My fav quote of Pete’s about pot is about how often he’s tried it. “Not many, but more than zero.” I’m going to keep that statement in mind for whenever I’m asked about any kinds of exploits. Ann, how often has tequila gotten you into a sticky situation? “Not many, but definitely more than....”

Pete seems to say the right kinds of things about pot.

“The safe, regulated, and legal sale of marijuana is an idea whose time has come for the United States, as evidenced by voters demanding legalization in states across the country,” he told The Boston Globe.

Trying to balance on that middle ground, methinks. Speak your mind, my cautiously perfect smarty-pants.

On to Bernie. It doesn’t take any reading between the lines of a quote here and another there to know where he stands. Bernie's website lays out his position very clearly. If Bernie gets elected, he’ll legalize, expunge, and reinvest, in communities hardest hit by the failed war on drugs. From the website:

“Why is it that in 2019, you can get arrested for smoking marijuana, but not one of the crooks on Wall Street went to jail for nearly destroying the economy 11 years ago? Why is it that millions of dollars are being made by mostly white, mostly male, and already rich “cannabiz” entrepreneurs in states where marijuana is legal, while the people and communities that were ravaged by the War on Drugs have been shut out of the industry, denied credit, and many are still incarcerated? That is going to change when Bernie is president.”

Go Bernie go.

Elizabeth Warren seems to stand behind the feds getting out of the states’ business.

“It makes no darn sense that we treat marijuana as a Schedule 1 drug, which means in effect the federal government has determined that it has no medicinal use, that it can't have any good effects, no research is supposed to be done. [Then there's the] racial impact of the enforcement of marijuana laws. The best evidence suggests that African-Americans and whites use marijuana at about the same rates, and yet African-Americans are far more likely to be arrested for marijuana use than whites are."

All singing similar tunes. Except for Grandpa Joe Biden, who I really hope doesn’t become the candidate (for reasons beyond his pot stance). Biden was opposed to legalization as VP, and had made statements asking for more research about whether pot is a gateway drug. This research has already been done, folks (I’ll talk like ol' Pops for that one). Although marijuana use often precedes trying other drugs for those who do (as do alcohol and cigarettes) that doesn’t mean it results in drug use for the majority of pot users. Joe tried to dial his gateway comments back, denying he had ever said them (likely when his team gave him sh&t). And this reversal, among other flip flops, truth stretching, and failed linguistic yoga moves, is why I’m not such a huge fan of Joe.

There are other candidates, but I’m getting tired of talking about them. The bottom line is that change is going in the right direction on legalization, criminal records for nonviolent crimes, and racial disparities related to cannabis use. Finally. As long as the orange wonder doesn’t get re-elected. Come on, Americans. PLEASE get out there and vote. [And if you’re reading this in the future, long after you know the election results, please tell me that the world is living happily ever after??]

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Difficulty: Easier than looking good debating an orange reality TV star (should be pretty damn easy for any of these Dems)

Bag of Tricks

  • A 9x9 square pan

  • A bit of wax paper

Yield/Dose Assumptions

Approximately 16 squares using 8 tbsp (½ cup) cannabutter yields approximately 8 mg THC per piece (if you're a newbie, start with half a square and see how you feel in about an hour)

Suggested Mood/Strain

Obama Kush. With "if only" dreams of three terms.

Time Required

About 15 minutes, if you can believe it.


  • 1 cup (165 g) chocolate M&Ms

  • ½ cup (113 g) cannabutter

  • 4 cups (230 g) large marshmallows (about 35)

  • 4 cups (140 g) Rice Krispies cereal


  1. Sprinkle the bottom of your 9x9 square pan with the M&Ms (an 8x8 will work too).

  2. In a large pot, melt your cannabutter. Add the marshmallows, stirring a few times with a wooden spoon until melted. Remove from heat.

  3. Stir in the Krispie cereal.

  4. Using the wooden spoon and a smaller metal spoon to scrape the stickiness off, drop lumps of the Krispie mix fairly evenly over the M&Ms in the pan. You can't drop the whole mix at once or the M&Ms won't be distributed evenly.

  5. Using wax paper, press the Krispies evenly into the pan.

  6. Chill your Krispie block until the butter firms up, for about 15 minutes.

  7. Flip the Krispie block out of the pan onto a flat surface so that the M&Ms are now on top. Warm a long knife under hot water and dry it off. Firmly slice down the middle of the block, and then crossways. Repeat with the 4 squares so that you get 16 pieces.

  8. Enjoy a treat and go vote for a Democrat. Any Democrat.